At health beyond, we believe in fitness not only for body but also for you mind and soul. Our main purpose is to guide you to attain a level of fitness that becomes your lifestyle. We not only design a workout that suits your body type but a complete fitness programme for those 23 hours of your day that you don¡¯t spend with us. In other words, we give habit based coaching for best results.

Whether it¡¯s a hard day work or just chilling out with friends or playing with your kids, you need a certain level of fitness to enjoy every task you do. That is why at health beyond we focus at overall health of your body. Our experts help you set realistic goals for yourself and then move in right direction to attain them. We have a list of experienced coaches to help you achieve your goals

Pilates 12 classes per week
CrossFit 8 classes per week
Gym Fitness 15 classes per week
Aerobics 14 classes per week
Zumba 10 classes per week


Our fitness coaches are well focused and have passion for fitness. They are always ready to hear you and build a plan that is compatible with your priorities. They are experts and know when not to push and when to pull their clients back and give them rest. They are also well informed and in touch with latest introductions in field of fitness.